#Europa: fin de los #testeos sobre #animales. #DerechosAnimales #HumanSocietyInternational

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La HSI celebra la más grande reducción de testeos sobre los animales de la historia europea.

No more year-long dog poisoning studies. Viorel Sima/shutterstock

STRASBOURG, France—Humane Society International/Europe is celebrating a change in European law on biocides, non-food pesticides, that will save tens of thousands of dogs, rabbits and rodents from painful and lethal chemical poisoning tests.

Currently, as many as 6,000 animals may be killed to test a single new biocide chemical for products such as insect-repellant and anti-bacterial agents [1]. Now, thanks to two years of dedicated lobbying led by HSI Europe, European Institutions have agreed to slash biocide animal testing requirements by as much as 40 percent, including deleting the notorious year-long dog-poisoning study [2].

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